Iron Foundry

Machine-molded cast parts are our expertise. With committed employees and the most modern systems technology, our products are of the highest quality and we deliver convincing results. Our core competences include complex castings, for example for the hydraulics industry.

We prepare custom-fit solutions for your requirements: Whether small or large quantities, with a weight of 1 or 110 kilograms – always delivered in the proven Reckers quality.


We grow with your requirements. We are therefore always ready for new challenges and develop solutions together with you.

Model Construction

Checked Precision Work. Individually matched to your requirements. We advise you on questions regarding material and construction, undertake the 3D CAD construction as well as the rapid prototyping and arrange the manufacturing of tools made of plastic or metal at well-known model builders.

Core Shop

The core is the key. Our service spectrum ranges from a simple to highly complex core, assembled from several individual components. The manufacturing of the core thereby takes place using 18 core shooters in croning and cold box procedure.

Molding Plant

Automated, precise, good. Our computer-controlled molding plant with crate dimensions of 800 mm x 600 mm (250+250) as well as a fully automatic sand processing and a cooling zone with a cooling time of 5 to 12 hours produces 120 forms per hour.

Smelting Operation

Our powerful centerpiece. A long-term cold blast cupola furnace with a melting capacity of 10 t/h and a medium frequency crucible furnace with a capacity of 13 t guarantee a consistently high output and consistent quality.


Quality connects – for more than 50 years, internationally leading manufacturers are part of the processing industry for our clients. We assist you in finding the right solutions and professionally implement these after joint planning.